Thursday, January 6, 2011

SuperSize Skip bin, Floor Boards and messy days.

The Christmas break is giving us a stretch of two and a half weeks to get things moving on the house. A lot of rubbish to be cleared – including the “sacrificial” straw board panels which we have had as a temporary floor during the messy render work. Finishing the internal render throughout is giving us a chance to get rid of this and install the final straw boards. (See the history of our straw panels which were in abundant supply. )

(above) New Straw Floor Panels being painted on the visible side before being laid onto joists. Painted side is seen as ceiling from ground floor.
(below) A few rarely seen shots of the structure/skeleton while the floor panels were being replaced.

(above) we believe in extensive testing - in this case, pushing the limits of our temporary mezannine stair structure.
(below) A very full supersize skip bin.
(below) Red bull gives you wings?


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