Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wannabe Tradie Ceiling Installer

Deepti spent most of this weekend installing the ceiling grids for the bathroom - Luke who did the plasterboard and flushing was impressed....
Always nice for us ‘wannabe tradies’ to get a thumbs up from a ‘proper tradie’ :-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

here we are on the 7th june 2010

In anticipation of the coming winter rains, we are proceeding with the first coat of render (clay+sand) as soon as each section of wall is complete. Hopefully, this (with tarps) will protect the bales externally from any major downpours... So although the front at the moment looks unfinished, the back is starting to look like a building (as opposed to a multitude of timber posts holding up a strange looking roof.)

Huge effort on Sunday with Bec, Rusty and Belinda adding to the workforce and getting very very dirty :-)

detail at windows

ansgar compressing bales - no one is as effective at stomping down!
mezannine level

looking down along from the mezzanine balcony along the kitchen wall.

living room wall.

detail at top of straw bale wall at mezzanine level. an extra timber 'ladder' and tie downs. one coat of render, and then a timber ledge over.

commando wielding the hedge trimmer.

bec belinda and rusty getting dirty dirty dirty

Another coat? Really?

hmmmpffff hmmmpff

before and after.