Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Coolest Crane in the World

Das ist the most WUNDERBAR crane ever.
Well okay there must be better cranes, but this is the coolest I've seen yet.
For such a small footprint (fits neatly into madang lane), it goes up a long long loooong way!


Yes I had to get to work - How convenient is the bus stop location...

Like i said, Coolest Crane in the World.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

69.5% of our timber columns are up....

View from scarborough beach road.
It's starting to look quite obvious now. Our neighbour June is getting calls from her friends asking how the "eiffel tower on scarbs" is going. :-)
Next level of the toilet block is almost up, and this time, was done in a thin bed mortar instead of the thick bed.
A crane is arriving in a few days to put up the remaining Hebel precast concrete roof panels over the toilet block.

We reckon there will be more timber than straw bales in this house. Also, we've only now realised (well I've only now realised- C may have realised this earlier), that EVERY SINGLE BALE will have to be shaped to fit around the columns!
So if anyone reading this blog is interested in some straw bale work come February, come forward! :-) We could use a few extra hands.

view from madang lane of the W house.

the camera is standing in our bedroom

love my power tools yes i do.

C with the sander sanding down all our beams.

puff pmmmfff pmmmmfff

massive and heavy LVLs

its starting to look a bit like a house now!

can you see the city in the photo below!

found these doors lying out for curbside collection.
nicked them.
that is handee.
another saturday night sunset over 234A