Sunday, September 19, 2010

North Windows, West Gable, and a few more stories...

Our North windows are in. These were done here in WA by Pappas Glass. (Not ordered from Germany like the timber windows.) They are also double glazed. Bifold and slider + the hinged front door.
The glazing to the gable is also finally in.
Very exiting :-)

(above) the final lime render coat on the centre wall is still standing firm!

view from hancock street

view from munro reserve

kiwi kris and the city reflect on the east gable glazing...

still the first coat on the ground floor walls.
these joists will be exposed, but the straw board flooring will be painted white where visible as the ceiling here.
deck joists are up...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clean Site = Safe Site?

We opened up the building site to public on Sunday 12th September as part of the Sustainable House Day.
This involved a lot of cleanup, adding handrails, stairs, and closing human-sized gaps in floors etc etc etc.....

Thanks to the organisers - Solar Dwellings and Shmeco. Huge Thanks in particular to Graham, Paul, Helmuth+ Eugenie Stockmann, Glen Richards, Nigel Saull, Sophie Giles, Bec Carrick for volunteering on the day. You guys counted over 200 visitors – it was a great day and very reassuring to see the positive vibes all around!
We distributed an information page on the house – [will upload soon]
and here are a few photos of the clean site!