Monday, July 12, 2010

Ze Coming of Ze Windows

On Friday a sea container was dropped off on madang lane. It had travelled on a ship called the MSC Sabrina halfway across the world from Hamburg Port to Fremantle Port bring us the Pièce de résistance for the project - our timber framed double glazed argon filled tilt and turn windows....
They were by far the biggest and most expensive gamble we have taken on for the house; and after months of waiting, (fingers crossed, holding our breaths), when the container was opened to reveal the freshly fumigated 16 windows perfectly intact the sigh of relief could probably be heard all the way to Cochin!
Like 5 year olds opening up their first box of lego blocks, we took them apart and started installing them on Saturday itself... and by Sunday night, Christian and I had already installed 7 small windows and 1 large!
The gaps will be sealed with an expanding insulated foam and then a silicone seal to the edges...later.
Ansgar is very pleased with me for doing the bathroom ones – he can finally have a hot bath without the wind and rain watching! (Yes he is still camping on site)
George the tiler should also be happy with us – he can now finish the wall tiling in one shot.