Sunday, February 21, 2010

The First Bale | And 99.7% Of All Structure

Gary came to visit and show us a few tricks. We have had Christian's cousin helping us out on site during weekdays. Vital bits and pieces of preparation, which would have otherwise taken weekends to sort out. On the raised upstand, we have battens screwed in that will make up the base for the bales. This base is filled in with blue metal which will keep the bales dry. Under this apparatus, we have threaded in long lengths of packaging straps (the green straps you can see the photo above), which we will eventually use after our first 7 courses are done, to tension down the wall. Geoff Smith of Goodman Packaging has been kind enough to lend us his tensioning apparatus and we have over 1000 metres of straps to play with...
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First Bale
Erster Ballen
Aaadiyathe Kacchi
Pehla Bale

All covered up - saturday night doubleview is usually teeming with crazed 15 year olds with lighters and spray cans.....

Two layers - looking at the sky through the first floor joists, through the mezannine joists. Hopefully this view wont be possible in two weeks - because that means the roof would be up by then!

oooh yeah

this timber in the ground floor apartment ceiling will be eventually exposed. i am campaigning to expose a little more of it, however this is still to undergo further internal discussions.

oooh yeah baby

view from madang lane.