Saturday, October 2, 2010

The last straw – the render pump + a very visible milestone!

Dave Morris rendered the last visible straw bales – first floor and mezzanine with a lime render pump. Fantastic progress – extremely even spread in comparision to our hand rendered first coat downstairs!
Now for a 4 week wait for this to cure slowly, and two more coats on these walls.

smoothing over with a hand trowel

render as it oozes out the pump.................

ray of light from west gable...

Bathrooms Showoff

Featured here are the nearly finished bathrooms.

I (D) am showing off the vanity "block" I designed and built out of 6 offcuts of our timber glue-lam column after my initial displeasure at the tiny round impractically beautiful "pebble" basin selected by C.
This, my friends, is an example of a compromise that worked out well . (Not too many of those around....!)

ps: big thanks to Kris for his help...

last minute change of grout colour to black when we saw that Juergen our German tiler had a margin of error of about +/- 0.0001mm!! perfect workmanship.


the sore backs
the bruised fingers
the lime that eats into everything.
the metal lathe (blood lathe) cuts - occupational hazard, that stuff...
the fact that no matter how many times you use a hammer, you will still whack your fingers at the steady rate of twice a week – usually the same finger.
the fights and The Nagging Wife syndrome, also The Nagging Husband Syndrome, the latter less frequent than the former...

This image makes it all worth it.
(no Photoshopping involved at all...)