Sunday, June 14, 2009

The first concrete pour that never was.

The Saturday morning started in disappointment when the Boral concrete truck which was due to arrive at 12.30 didn’t turn up and couldn’t be contacted. The first concrete pour didn’t happen as scheduled – however things started looking brighter soon afterwards. We had a fantastic turnout of friends who came bringing boots shovels anvils boyfriends et al. Great thanks to Glen, Eddie, WhyeKay, Kate+Gian, Marco+Charlotte, Anne, Craig+chisel, Bec+funny-looking-custom-made-trench-digging-tool. You guys are fantastic and fabulous, and I can’t believe we got so much done! Our hole for the rainwater tanks is big enough, and most of our trenches are already dug! A very special mention to young Charlotte who might be 2 years old but handles her mini shovel like a pro, and looks absolutely cool when sitting in a wheelbarrow. Special mention also to the limestone we hit when digging deeper into the rainwater tank hole. Gian, Eddie and Craig are true rocksmiths, and wield a mean chisel! We then had a barbeque and bonfire on site before heading home where others joined and the party grew and grew.

Glen, its gotta be thiiiiiiiiiiiis big.....

Grrrrr mmmmppfffffff!!!

craig: "i wonder if that's in the right spot?"

Christian and I spent most of the next day finishing up and installing the rainwater tanks. We ordered the Concrete Taxi for first thing Monday morning, as we needed to pour it quick before it rained into the footing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big huge freaking massive tanks ...

...have arrived on site and we realised our hole dug with the excavator isn’t big enough.
Here are some photos of our first trenches for the toilet block – we are lining this with black foil to prevent the sides from collapsing. The structural drawings have been referred to in earnest and appropriate reinforcement has been added and tied down. We need to pour the concrete for this footing ASAP as it might rain on the weekend or next week, and we can’t risk the trenches getting flooded. We have ordered 1.8 cubic meters of concrete from Boral to arrive at 12.30 on Saturday – Christian’s birthday, and also the first Concrete Pour for the house.
We have hinted (well not so subtly) that instead of a birthday present, he might like his ‘trenches dug’. Hopefully we have a great turnout of friends as our weekend workforce, and a bbq and beers on site.