Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Durra Straw Panels.

The builder for a project we know of was throwing away a truckload of brand new durra panels. (These are the highly compressed straw panels which we are using as our flooring for level one and mezannine).
So we asked politely for them to be put on a truck and they arrived safe and sound all the way from albany free of cost (we only paid for the transport.)
Our joists are set at 600 centres for 1200x2400 panels, but these panels strangely enough are about 25 mm too short on all sides... Also, they are all different sizes - so this means more joints, and an angle detail at every other joint.... bummer my clean crisp ceiling is starting to look less crispier by the minute.......
On the bright side, we got a lot more panels than we needed so we are using a second layer as a sacrificial layer to work on until the final bamboo floor is in :-) so no need to get more ply or old carpets.... Also, we plan to use the same panels as some of our "mobile internal walls" as they have a great acoustic rating.
All in all a great outcome and a good quick recycling effort.

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